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Beet Carpaccio, Smoked Haddock Tartare, Fourme  d'Ambert Mousse,

Herb and Shallot Vinaigrette. 

Pork cheeks confit, lentil burgundy fondue, a crispy  pig's foot.



Charolaise bib «Maison  Gouttenoire» fried, Mesclun,

Thousand Leaves of Charliendin Potatoes, Parsnip ,  Foie Gras Sauce.


Fillet of Cod Roasted on its Skin, Risotto of Crozets  and Butternut,

Tempura de rating of chard, a reduced meat juice.




The Farmer Faisselle of the " Ressins ‘s  farmer" in declination.

Or The trilogy of dry cheeses from our region,  hazelnut ice cream.




Black current clafoutis,  apples compote

  Cinnamon, light  tile, apple / blackcurrant sorbet.


Poached Pear Vanilla Bourdalou like a  pie, Almond Cream,

ice  nougat caramel chips.


 Starter + main course +  dessert: 33 €.

Starter + main course +cheese +  dessert: 39€

Le Relais de l’Abbaye – Hôtel*** Restaurant
415, route du Beaujolais
42190 Charlieu

+33 4 77 60 00 88